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Passion for God [By : Ev. Iin Tjipto]

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Passion for God [By : Ev. Iin Tjipto]

This is a story that I quoted from the sermon of a preacher who is very remarkable, Saturday 28 April 2012 one which God came to our church, into our fellowship in worship, Saturday at 6 pm, she was a woman named Ev. Iin Tjipto, this woman is a woman used by God with extraordinary, she is the daughter of a Ev. Yushak Tjicpto.

Here's the background of the Ev. Iin Tjipto. Built in a very young age to serve, touch and bless the people particularly the poor, neglected, rejected most of the people is not acceptable. His life was built to be a lover of God. Ev. Iin Wenas Tjipto walk in intimacy and adventure of faith. Laid the basis of faith and love by her parents, especially the father of Joshua, who inherited wealth Cipto Purnomo association with the Lord Jesus.

1992, graduated from TU Delft, The Netherlands as a Master of Architect because of the miracles and the grace of God, but God called to serve full-time. 1998, God gave a vision to build God a militant army of children scavengers, street, class of persons below the poverty line.

2004, this container, Mahanaim, now there are nine shelters, service to areas not reached by the churches. There is a kindergarten, elementary, middle, giving a free meal each day to the needy and scholarships to ± 3,000 children who nearly dropped out of school for no charge. His life only by the grace of God is great, the service only because of God's provision is terrible. All of Him for Him for the glory of Him, Jesus Christ, who is very dear.

In the story, that a child of God must have a passion to serve, a youth must have a spirit that continues to burn in the service of God, she was told in England, there is a child of the poor and homeless, every day she sells near a place where this place used to study ballet for children who are wealthy, this little girl is like a ballet, every child that comes into the room, he always saw them learn to dance ballet, after having finished, she carried on selling activities. Whenever she saw children studying ballet at the room he was always afraid because he knew that if the little girl was seen by people in the room she will be upset by them. That evening at last learn to dance ballet children went into the room and saw this little girl and she was studying ballet at them, after this little girl came home and reached home, she practiced ballet dancing again she remembers, without the use of ballet shoes, every day this little girl doing diligently

one day when he saw the children learn bad things happen to dance ballet, which he carries merchandise fell off and a voice came from inside the room, ballet teacher finally came out and saw This little girl was dancing ballet, with a beautiful dance, the teacher was surprised that this little girl dancing with a very beautiful without the use of ballet shoes. The little girl was frightened and wanted to run, but the ballet teacher said, do not be afraid you're a talented girl to dance ballet, the final story of this little girl can learn to dance ballet along with other children, she did not pay anything because it costs to learn ballet very expensive, she became a good student until he became the greatest ballet dancers in the UK.

He told us, that young people should have a passion for serving God both in the field of music, storytelling, prayer, fasting, and other services. Have a passion for God is the hallmark of God's children who want to progress and develop. Hopefully this story bless you. God be with you

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How to be Entrepreneurship by: Faif Yusuf (founder of rajabusanamuslim.com)

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How to be Entrepreneurship by: Faif Yusuf (founder of rajabusanamuslim.com)

This is a story that I quoted from a young, successful entrepreneur, the story I took from the seminar organized by my campus on Thursday at 1 pm. It is the entrepreneur seminar is mandatory for all students, from various branches of the campus came to attend this seminar. "Being young entrepreneur campus, why not?" The first event was opened by Mr. Nurhardiansyah from a bank, namely Bank Syariah Mandiri, he was the head of this branch for the bank in Depok, he was asked to fill in this seminar, he said that banks as financial institutions are ready to help to open a business for students interested in entrepreneurship, he said that students have the ability to entrepreneurship ranging from small to medium-sized businesses to the top, many successful independent Bank Syariah Mandiri customers and they start with small businesses with a requirement in entrepreneurship that it takes a good administration, he said do not be afraid to start self-employment as an independent Bank Syariah Mandiri will help through the media or the agency that awarded the campus. He said that there was a customer, this mother has a business selling vegetables alone. But the mother is very consistent, and eventually the mother of this child in school and already have a high turnover, starting with a capital of 10 million only and the mother is consistent in running the business.

Here is Mr. Faif Yusuf, he has a business Kafana Boutique @ mega bekasi. You can message to the Muslim fashion online at www.rajabusanamuslim.com he will share how he started this business, the business was started in 2006 about 6 years old, second year he moved to a supermarket, he said he had to decide something quickly, eventually he was given a place to which he self-employed and he opened a website to sell her shop, she was a native of the town solo came to Jakarta in 2001, when he was only carrying a duffel bag, he had to move where and work in a company, while This he had a house and other valuable assets, he said he was not a smart man, he came to Jakarta but no one who knew him, in building up the business he often fell. In the great days of the religion of Islam, his shop is always in demand, in this business should have an extensive network to develop its products, other than business he also wrote the book, he says to enter the working world has a lot of competition than entrepreneurship, he said he never thought will be successful in his efforts he has always set aside money to buy the property or assets in the form of gold, the business is how the business can run without us in it.

Businesses need a process or step (one of the foundations of the business is self control and patience and accompanied by new innovations) The key to successful entrepreneur
1. Courage to try
2. Always learning
3. Do not be shy to ask

He lectures in Yogyakarta and never sell on malioboro, he just joined friends for a year he came out and started for the business and he tried various businesses, among which are selling magazines, selling animals for sacrifice, and he graduated with his own cost and buy a motorcycle, he used to work in a multinational company, he tried to say that courage is better, according to survey a lot of people do not dare try to do what he thinks and wonders always come to those brave

Always creative, he had attended an international event (IBM) in April and September, the Malaysian government invited entrepreneurs from all over the country, there are 30 people from Indonesia, he saw no display on the third floor of SMEs Malaysia (Malaysia about the product) he said that Indonesia is more better than other countries.

1. Join with other businesses.
2. Take advantage of the network
3. Team building
4. Strong leadership
5. Common goal
6. Rule of the goal
7. Action plan
8. Support risk
9. Be 100%

In starting a business must:
1. Start with what we like
2. Capable
3. ATM
4. Network
5. Produce

Be the best, be the first, be the different
"Good business is a business that opened"
"If too thought not to be opened"
"But if it has been opened must have thought"
"Be in imperfection"

1. Preparations do not overdo it
2. No need to wait for perfect conditions
3. Perfect conditions will never happen
4. We have to make things perfect

The risk did not start:
1. Risk time
2. Time is a valuable asset
3. Time is not replaceable

So, remember this! "Think big, start small, act now"

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Meaning of Jesus crucified by : Ps.Win Geigle (AG)

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Meaning of Jesus crucified by : Ps.Win Geigle (AG)


Currently I want to share stories at the following Easter at my church, this time the speaker was a priest of the AG, he came to Indonesia for a mission of service. Worship was held Friday at 8 am. He named Ps. Win Geigle of (AG Pastor) following a short story that quoted from the sermon in my church Jakarta.

Most writers, when writing about the death of their grant or enter 10% in their story, according to research. Suppose Martin Luther King was a pastor, he is a man who used the Lord with extraordinary, he talked about race. One day he finds the title of the story, I had a dream that white people and black people will have in one school. Long story short now his dream had become real, now white people and black people are equal and there is no difference. In the Gospels written one-third of the last days of Jesus, was the first for the world, there are only two of the four gospels that Jesus talked about the end kehidapan, but all four of them are equally detailed news about Jesus, then how could Jesus was crucified even volatile nature about it the sky turns black roman lascar even heard of this part

One day Ps.Win Geigle safety training, a child of the church held captive by terrorists and I was released but I do not think it was, I think we are the border patrol on duty who helped me at that time and I felt relieved. But when Jesus was crucified, Jesus was able to summon angels and remove it from the wooden cross. Jew is a Jew growing religions but also has strong religious system, there is only one who can change the system of religion was, he knew that there would be crucified to him so He must be strong and make decisions

How do we know about the story of Jesus' cross? We think this is a normal thing, the story of Jesus' cross is the usual story and we can only just repeated them alone, it is time kemengan entered Jerusalem, the Last Supper Judas to repent, Peter and Judas denying Jesus and when Jesus arrived at the park Gethsemane is the time for Jesus disalibakan. Jesus as not addressed, such as the world pursue Him, Jesus wept when Jesus entered Jerusalem, there are many groups of people saying "Hosanna" but they also said, "crucify him, crucify him" a group of people were not happy with Jesus, they want us together with the world, but the book of Paul to say "no" to this.

Mark 11:7-10, Matthew 21:8-11, Jesus toward the goal, when Jesus was born there were two major objective, namely, salvation for the forgiveness of the sins of mankind (Acts of the Apostles 15) makes the unbelievers are saved on the widened moral and do not eat blood, because the cross we can enter the kingdom of the surge, the last time on Jesus' life are only Jesus knows, Jesus knew his father put all things under his feet, then what happens? He did not come to be served but to serve, in the days Ps.Win Geigle also learn about leadership, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, his students embrace Jesus and they asked each other, they think "I am definitely not a" no doubt in their hearts and no one knows about it.

Peter denied Jesus, Jesus told the disciples before the rooster crows you'd deny me three times, many say the petrus that he knew Jesus three times the cock crowed petrus finally came out and he cried shame on himself and did not repent. We remember Jesus is king, you must know the savior of man, but a forced confession is useless, I'll end of the book of Philippians 2:10, this will happen if we do not surrender our lives to God.

God bless you

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from anyer beach to hillsong academy, "a message"

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from anyer beach to hillsong academy "a message"

I came back Saturday night to attend the youth in my church, this is a special month because there will be some revival meetings or "KKR" KKR is held within a month. The first week we hold it in Anyer beach on 7 April 2012, we of young adults go to the beach anyer on Saturday at 9 am from Jakarta to Banten. This is a very pleasant journey and make us closer to each other. we are the "DM" or young adult is a community of young people in my church. finished the event of worship and prayer during our lunch rush to swim and enjoy the beautiful beaches anyer. we are very satisfied with the show here, game, and we really enjoy this special worship. At 4 pm we went home with great memories and experiences of God. We believe all of us are very blessed.

To this day on 14 April 2012, worship, or "KKR" the second we made in our church, with a father that is used by God with extraordinary, he is a graduate of the academy hillsong from australia. He was a man from the tribe of Manado and china, he is a hard worker and very exemplary, he was named Ev.Timothy Albert, he is a very remarkable man who gave us the spirit of each of his bible, gave us a new refreshment, gave us the motivation, reminding us that we have a God who is rich and we have a God that we can talk anytime, he is our Father who is ready to help us at any time, maybe this saai we feel tired, but please know that our Father is more tired than us, so do not ever withdraw from the Lord, to any God that He is able and is still there for us forever.

Currently I wanted to share a story about the power of the Bible (Hebrews 4:12-16) "For the bible of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow ; it judges our hearts and minds "

When chainsaw cutting big old tree, behold, a foreign objects. There is embedded a 22 caliber bullet, hidden in it. After the cut seen it before. From the outside, the bullet is not visible, but it appeared trajectory that penetrates to the heart of the tree. Compared to the size of a large tree, the bullet is very small, but the effects the area around the bullet looks blackish and decayed. When first bullet shooted and into the tree trunk, did not seem anything strange, except for minor scratches on the surface of the trunk. Then with time, the tree becomes bigger and stronger, and the area around the bullet was also expanded and decayed.

When sin entered into the person, the "objects" that also penetrate to the inside. With the passage of time, then the decay is also getting bigger. The outward appearance looks smooth, seamless, but the rot going on inside. As a cancer that sometimes there is no significant physical symptoms, until one day the doctor said that the cancer has reached the final stage. sin is also work that way, penetrating the inner person. Sin was destroyed, and the only way to find out is to cut it up into and see its contents.bible like a sharp two-edged sword. He was able to penetrate into the human heart and find the rotten parts of human life. Every time I read the Bible, in fact we're defending until permit bible into our hearts. Do not be surprised or suddenly you are plucked with the fact, that there is rot in your heart. If you have this to ask forgiveness of God and blood of Christ cleanses you please come back. Otherwise it will widen the rot to kill you. Remember, God firmat explosive power exceeds the power of nuclear bombs.

Hopefully the article above bless you, I want to listen to my radio at 93.0fm about Christian radio station from indry lienlien. Thank you

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How to configure menu of wireless access point

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How to configure menu of wireless access point

Today I will share some important things about how to build a wireless LAN or WLAN network, and some remote applications that can be used on PC and android, but I think it is not important but more precise information is important. A few days ago I opened an online news site that is www.detik.com afternoon I saw some news, one of which is news that happened near my home in central Jakarta Salemba this is the news about "geng motor" or a motocycle gang, in the news section that "geng motor" move at 3 am before they are came elsewhere, namely in the "Pramuka" central Jakarta news circulated by some people die due to their crime after crime are satisfied with the "Pramuka" they go to the Another is the "7-eleven" or sevel central Jakarta, sevel or "7-Eleven" is where young people gather every night until morning and a very strategic location, position on the road Salemba sevel central position in the center of many campus around it,near for my home. Hearing this news makes me quite shocked because they are so brave or "geng motor" in action at the gathering place for college kids are. Certainly all the people expect the police to crack down on "motorcycle gang" very disturbing residents.

Back WLAN or wirelesson topic I will discuss about how to build a network LAN and a remote application that is used or is used on the PC and smartphone android. Basically the working principle of the same wireless LAN network using a wired network, the main difference is in transmisition media, through radio waves. While the cable network through a wired transmission media. One of the wireless device is a Wireless Access Point. Wireless Access Point is a component that serves to send or receive data from the wireless adapter. Access point to convert the signal frequency radio signals into digital signals or vice versa. Wireless Access Point (AP) in WLAN functions such as HUB / SWITCH, without using AP, wireless devices (PC / LAPTOP which has a wireless adapter) can only communicate using the concept of point to point (two computers). Type of point to point is similar to a wired network without the HUB system commonly called the cross link. Access Point signal issued SSID (Service Set Identification) which is the name of the radio signals given to the network without wires (wireless network). To be able to relate to the AP, then all the computers to be connected must be filled out by the AP SSID. SSID naming standards using the default name, but you can not rename the SSID to your liking.

Examples of interfaces that can be used to build a WLAN is:
A. Wireless Access Point
2. Wireless USB Adapter
3. Wireless PCI Adapter

Wireless menu (Security Settings)
A. WEP: Select this option to enable security in WEP mode. WEP (wired equivalent privacy) is an optional facility that is in the 802.11 standard. WEP uses encryption system to protect the WLAN users. WEP allows the administrator to make wireless network encryption key to be used for encrypting the data before the data is sent. Type the WEP consists of three parts: Automatic, Open System and Shared Key. WEP Key Format: ASCII or hexadecimal there is a choice
2. WPA/WPA2: an option to enable WPA/WPA2 security mode, consisting of three options: automatic, WPA and WPA2

Wireless menu (MAC Filtering)
Wireless MAC Address Filtering section displays the feature that lets you control devices that access the Access Point you to use MAC address restrictions. Filtering rule: "Allow" to allow devices that do not exist in the list to access the AP and the "Deny" reject devices that do not exist in the list to access the AP.

Click Add New to enter a list of devices that diijinakan / denied access to AP
A. MAC Address is the MAC address of the device
2. Description is a description of the device
3. Privilege is a choice of access arrangements to the AP. Allow the option to allow devices and Deny to refuse access to the AP and the choice of 64 bits, 128 bits, 512 bits in accessing the AP using WEP
4. WEP Key if you are in a privileged you choose option 64 bit, 128 bit, 512 bit, then fill in this part of the WEB Key to access the AP
5. Status is an option to enable (enabled) and disable (disabled) configuration that you have done

Menu DHCP (DHCP Settings)
DHCP settings section is used to set a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server, which provides TCP / IP to devices connected in a network.
A. DHCP server: option "disabled" to disable the DHCP server. Option "enabled" to enable the DHCP server
2. Start IP Address: the IP address of the DHCP server start
3. End IP Address: the address of the DHCP server end
4. Address Lease Time: the amount of time the device is connected to the network using DHCP server IP. The amount of time in minutes.
5. Default Gateway: the gateway IP address
6. Default domain: the domain name in the network
7. Primary DNS: Primary DNS is the IP address, DNS IP address provided by your IPS
8. Secondary DNS: is the IP address of another DNS server if the ISP provides two DNS servers, save to save the configuration that you have done

After the above lesson is finished, now time for me to discuss some of the tools used for remote desktop from your Android smartphone. Android is actually easy to use remote desktop and also the same concept with the remote from the desktop to desktop. If the remote desktop or remote inter-PC, the software used is the "team viewer" or "Radmin" if the "team viewer" you need an Internet connection as a media remote and ID on the client to be on the remote server. While on "Radmin you need to know the IP address or client target. Then how the android smartphone? Not much different, softwere that I use to to remote PC via my android is a "team viewer for android" you need to install a "team viewer" on the target pc and server on your android and concepts such as this requires an Internet connection as a media remote. There are some softwere that I use on my android namely:
A. Team viewer for android: full remote to pc from android by internet connection
(Wifi enabled portable android you, then join the pc and give the ID and password on the desktop team viewer and the content ID and password at "team viewer" on your android)
2. IP Webcam: make your android as hidden cameras use wireless media. First you turn on your android portable wifi, then join the PC and click Start the server on the IP webcam, and then type the ip address given on your PC browser
3. Web Remote Desktop: This application has the same concept as IP Webcam. Setting your portable wifi then join and can open a given ip address on your browser.

Then I will discuss the configuration on the client-server network. Hopefully the above article can be beneficial to you.

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Specification Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 Android

I hope the article computer, science, education, Engineering, Technical about How to configure menu of wireless access point this can useful for you

Specification Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 Android

You're reading article Technical, Information, education, science, computer, Engineering about Specification Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 Android enjoy reading

Specification Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 Android

This is only a short story I want to share with my readers, I hope my story can entertain you and deliver information to you. Morning on 29 March 2012 I joined with my friend, he called liberty Sitepu, we were friends since childhood. At that time I was asked to go with him to the Polda Metro Jaya to meet with his sister there. At that time I was in college the night so as not to interfere with my classes.

At the same time a demonstration was going on everywhere because the government raised fuel prices by the child or fuel oil. So many institutions and universities staged a demonstration of rising fuel prices declined. I live in central jakarta Salemba. There are some campuses that staged this demonstration Y*I and U*I as I know, but there are several other universities who come to the streets to participate in the action ini.after this demo many other campuses also held the same action because they know and the public know that the government would raise fuel prices on 1 April 2012. prior to this date there were demonstrations everywhere. After review by the government, eventually rising fuel prices was canceled due to work all elements of society that actually reject the policy of this government. Finally, fuel prices remained at the normal price.

This is comforting news that Indonesian society, because fuel oil is not a rose. Back to my story, after we finished from Polda Metro Jaya Jakarta, we went to a mall in Jakarta, Roxy mall we see and intend to buy a tablet PC or a smartphone, not a long time we looked, the choice finally fell on Samsung Young GT-S5360, this smartphone is very intriguing because there are a lot of my college friends I used the Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360, its small but lively and elegant.

Here are tips that I quoted from the book of this advanced smartphone. To prevent injury to yourself and others or damage to your device.

1. prevent electric shock, fire and explosion
2. Do not use a damaged cord
3. Do not touch electrical with wet hands kebel
4. Do not charge the battery with a charger that is not recognized by the plant
5. Do not hold the lithium ion (li-on) that is damaged or leaking

1. follow all the rules when using the device in the area is prohibited to use
2. Do not use the device near other electronic devices
3. do not use the device near your pacemaker
4. do not use the device near medical equipment or radio
5. do not use the device in potentially explosive areas
6. do not use the device in the plane

1. maintenance of good mobile device
2. keep the device remains dry
3. do not place the device in dusty, dirty or
4. do not place the device in oblique
5. use the device at -20 Celsius - 50 Celsius
6. Do not store the device near magnets
7. Do not drop the device
8. do not use the camera light to the eyes of humans or animals

1. Protect your hearing and ear while using the headset
2. always be careful to use the device while running
3. Do not use the device in your back pocket
4. Do not disassemble the device yourself
5. Do not let children use your device
6. keep the sim card and memory card
7. securing personal data and your important data

Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 Android support very easy to use and communication with the pc or notebook, some applications that I install on the samsung young.

1. superuser.apk
2. link2sd.apk
3. ip webcam.apk
4. 2x battery.apk
5. adobe reader.apk
6. go sms pro.apk
7. alkitab.apk
8. AndroZip pro.apk
9. astro.apk
10. angry birds.apk
11. detikcom.apk
12. facebook.apk
13. navitel.apk
14. kamusku.apk
15. kaskus.apk
16. player.apk video mx
17. busway.apk
18. officesuite.apk
19. opera mini.apk
20. root exploler.apk
21. skype.apk
22. viewer.apk team
23. terjemahan.apk
24. twitter.apk
25. wifi file exploler.apk
26. win - remote.apk
27. go fb chat.apk

and many other applications that can be installed at the Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 Android. Smartphone is already using the android operating system created by www.google.com with karnel linux based, you can search and download all the applications based on www.android andrid-market.co or on www.play.google.com  android OS is very easy used and strongly supports the communication between the pc and fellow android that is suitable for everyone who loves the world of technology in particular. Good luck and good luck.

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I hope the article Technical, Information, education, science, computer, Engineering about Specification Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 this can useful for you