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Increase of fuel price in Indonesia and model osi

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Increase of fuel price in Indonesia and model osi

This is a lesson that love, computer networks are sma tertumbuh since I graduated, the academy continue to computers, computer networks led this evening by mr.sumarna as a lecturer, he is quite well and make us understand and grasp the theory that it provides. The theory that he gave was about the "OSI model" on a computer network or "open systems interconnectios"

A little story from me, this is the day that kept me busy, that morning I was asked to join to take my friend to Jakarta with the Jakarta Police to meet with his brother. After returning from there, I was surprised because all along the road near my house has a lot of students in the middle of the street demonstrations to reject the husband of fuel price increases, according to the student with the increase of fuel oil in Indonesia, the government is not concerned with the little people. Therefore they hold demonstarsi from various campuses in central Jakarta, with burning tires, and holding their banners and speeches not only that they were escorted by many police to maintain security at the demonstration site

Anyone who is obliged to pursue the world of computer networks and a must to learn the standard or reference model (OSI) seven-layer model, osi models often used to explain the workings of a computer network logically, the model was introduced in 1984 osi, osi models generally divide various network functions into seven layers, osi model of a reference or a reference for anyone who wants to understand the workings of a computer network j, model osi is not a protocol, protocol is a set of rules used in data communication, eg protocol is TCP / IP, IPX , NetBIOS, PPP and others.

Osi model consists of layers or strata has 7 pieces, namely:
A. Physical
2. Data link
3. Network
4. Transport
5. Session
6. Presentation
7. Application

A. Physical (electrical signals and cabling)
2. Data link (transmirts packets from node to node based on station address)
3. Network (route the data to different LANs and WANs)
4. Transport (ensures delivery of entire file or message)
5. Session (starts, stops the session)
6. Presentation (encryption of data)
7. Application (type of communication: e-mail, ftp, client / server)

A. Media layer> bits> physical> lower layers
2. Media layer> frames> data link> lower layers
3. Media layer> packets> Networks> lower layers
4. Host layer> segments> transport> lower layers
5. Host layer> data> session> upper layer
6. Host layer> data> presentation> upper layer
7. Host layer> data> application> upper layer

On this subject quite a lot of students who pay attention to the explanation of mr.sumarna because our seriousness, we can understand the lessons he gave, at that time we were about to convert binary numbers to decimal and decimal to binary, from so many students are just a few students who can answer it, including me: D

Thus, the upper layers define how the application (on a host) to communicate with each other or a similar application and the user (the host) else. While the lower layers define how data is transported (via the media network) from one host to another host. Hopefully this article useful.

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I hope the article Accounting, Administration, Agribusiness, Business, computer, Development, Economy, education, Engineering, Industry, Information, Management, science, Taxation, Technical about Increase of fuel price in Indonesia and model osi this can useful for you

how to be a technopreneur students, detik.com indonesia

You're reading article Accounting, Administration, Agribusiness, Business, computer, Development, Economy, education, Engineering, Industry, Informadtion, Management, science, Taxation, Technical about how to be a technopreneur students, detik.com indonesia enjoy reading

This afternoon I returned to college campuses where technopreneur held a seminar for all students, especially students majoring in computer accounting, management informatics and computer engineering. That afternoon at 12.00, I depart from my house not so far away, just walk a few feet away. I arrived at the campus auditorium immediately redeem the ticket to get in and follow the show is pretty much these participants. Perhaps because one of the speakers of the seminar was well known by many people.

With a seminar on the theme of technopreneur campus invited two speakers are pretty well known that one of them is Donny BU (founder of Detik.com), and Nova Rini (Anchor of SCTV) as well as teams from Telkomsel is also involved in becoming a sponsor of this seminar technopreneur. There's a little story that I wrote from a freelance journalist that is Donny BU founder of Detik.com. and hopefully inspire us to imitate his spirit so that we can become better.

For the first time I saw a Donny BU, he was the founder of one of the popular news sites in cyberspace or the internet is www.detik.com this site contains information that is up to date from various walks of life, politics, culture , national, economic, educational, sports, international, technology, BBC, enternainment and others. Having voiced speech, it's time for the founder of www.detik.com to give the story of his life in taking career success.

He's beginning to make a program for healthy internet, or internet health program and this program you can see in www.internetsehat.or.id while using or accessing the Internet using a modem donny first very slowly, in his presentation he said that in 1998 only 500 thousand internet users Indonesia and in 2011 rose to 5 million people of Indonesia and 29 were mobile to access the internet, in a story that he once went to a boarding school and asked all the schools there, he said anyone here who daily internet access ? was never any answer, he thought maybe because the location is close to the mountains, because they rarely access the internet, maybe only once a week, then he asked again: anyone here who frequently update the status? and all said yes, they all frequently update the status of this very funny ... right? : D wwkwkwkwkw ..... : D

In the story, he said that Indonesia is the third largest Internet users in the world to facebook, to twitter number 5, for the most twet Indonesia and the world's top 3 numbers in asia for most twet Indonesia in the first place and to write the popular media in Indonesia include blogdetik.com and blogspot.com, he met a professor from Singapore and they tell each other and the professor said that he would vacation in Jakarta with his wife, after being asked why he was on vacation in Jakarta because it turns out people really like Jakarta for Singapore traffic jams are exotic.

Sister of the founder of detik.com is an online marketing blog, She sells items that are popular in Indonesia, by watching TV or soap operas he would know for example clothes or shoes, which used the artist or actor in the film that will be selling back in the blog market has, one day he sold a scarf and he was very hassles serving customers who book on his blog until one day there is an online buyers from Malaysia who want to buy a lot of hijab that are sold on the blog.

Founder of the detik.com Donny BU is a freelance journalist, she told me that in his career as a journalist had he only uses a small note, journalists are more sophisticated now able to use mobile phones to record a conversation or dialogue. Can be concluded that although the menggunakna sederahana technology, we can, for example using only an old PC and modem telkomsel the price is very cheap now and learn from experience and people will be interested to hear our story.

In the story, he says that selling online on the decline due to blogger, bloggers often put adsense and can not tell which products are in the selling and the installation of advertising so that visitors will be confused, in the story, he told a reporter in the solo, he likes to drink tea, tea dar he often tried various brands, and compare these teas, fragrance, taste, price, and seller of tea. Finally he has a good idea to make homemade tea with a nice blend of teas that he never drank before, akhrinya made tea sold, through his friends are many buyers who order the homemade tea and only through his twitter tea can be purchased .

The following tips and suggestions presented by Donny BU to all participants of the seminar, to be technopreneur students:
A. Find the people are needed
2. Specifications or typical
3. Cleary or obvious "sell your own blends of tea"
4. Instantly

Become entrepreneurs by Donny BU:
A. venture out of the comfort zone
2. be different
3. patience in all things
4. have a purpose
5. do not like fish in water
6. have a strong desire
7. have a concept to move
8. dare to fail.

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How to configure ssid broadcast and Ip address wireless

I hope the article Accounting, Administration, Agribusiness, Business, computer, Development, Economy, education, Engineering, Industry, Information, Management, science, Taxation, Technical about how to be a technopreneur students, detik.com indonesia this can useful for you

How to configure ssid broadcast and Ip address wireless

You're reading article computer, education, Engineering, Information, science, Technical about How to configure ssid broadcast and Ip address wireless enjoy reading

How to configure ssid broadcast and Ip address wireless

This is the first computer network courses, this semester and also for the first time I attended night classes because of busy morning until late afternoon. This subject is very interesting and I really liked the course because we know the computer network concepts and procedures for establishing a computer network from the smallest level to the global scale we can learn on the computer networks course, I think this is a difficult subject easy to understand but if we understand the logic and the basic concepts of computer networks. Mr. Sumarna S.Kom are professors who teach on the course he teaches with certainty and we can understand all of what he had to say. The following material about wireless technology in the first course of computer networks, may be useful.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is actually almost the same as the LAN network, but each node on the WLAN using a wireless device to connect to the network. Nodes in the WLAN uses the same frequency channel that shows identity with the SSID of the wireless device. Unlike jarigan cable, wireless network has two modes that you can use the Ad-Hoc Mode and Infrastructure Mode. Ad-Hoc network mode is direct communication between each PC using the wireless adapter. Where as in Infrastructure Mode network is the communication between each PC via an Access Point in WLAN or LAN. The use of these two modes depending on the needs for a variety of data or other requirements on the network

Wireless Network Ad-Hoc Mode
Ad-hoc mode WLAN network is very simple, because the Ad-Hoc Mode does not require Access Point to interact with each other. Each host has enough wireless transmitter and receiver to communicate directly. The drawback of this mode is the range in this mode is limited to the distance between the two computers.

Ad-Hoc Mode Configuration
Ad-Hoc mode is used to interact with another computer, all the OC which will be connected must have a wireless adapter or on a laptop that already has a Wi-Fi. One PC in Ad-Hoc mode SSID is used as a Broadcaster.

Step-by-step configuration of wireless network Ad-Hoc mode on the PC is used as the SSID of Broadcasters (main PC) are:
1. Enable wireless adapter each computer to be connected to the network
2. Right-click on the Network icon on the taskbar wireless connection, and select view available wireless networks
3. The next window will display the wireless network connections. Click on the change the order of preferred networks
4. In the dialog box wireless network connection properties, click the advanced button. Choose a computer to computer (ad-hoc) networks only and click the close button
5. Next will come back to the wireless network connection dialog box properties.pada preferred networks section, click the Add button.
6. Wireless network properties dialog box, type the name of the network to use the network name SSID column. For example, the SSID name is broadcasternya TRIAL
7. For network security on the wireless network key, select the option WEP Data Encryption. Next enter the keyword to the network on the Network Key and enter again in the Confirm network key, click the OK button
8. Subsequently returned to the wireless network connections window, click Refresh network list will display the Ad-Hoc connection with the SSID name TRIAL
9. The next step in wireless network connections window, click Change advanced settings. Select Internet Protocol (TCP / IP), then click the Properties button
10. In the dialog box for Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) Properties, select the Use the Following IP Address. Enter the IP address and Subnet Mask it, for example using the IP address of with a Subnet Mask

Next do the configuration on the client PC, the network configuration steps wireless Ad-Hoc mode on the PC client is:
1. Right click on the wireless network connection icon on the taskbar, and select View Available Wireless Networks
2. The next window will display the wireless network connections, click on Change the order of preferred networks
3. In the wireless connection properties dialog box, click the advanced button. Choose a computer to computer (ad-hoc) networks only and click the close button
4. The next step in wireless network connections window, click change advanced settings. Select the Internet protocol (TCP / IP) and click the Properties button. In the dialog box internet protocol (TCP / IP) Properties, select the Use the Following IP Address. Enter the IP address and subnet mask, for example using the IP address with mask
5. Do check the connection to the PC which is used as the SSID broadcaster. To perform a connection check, open a command prompt window (DOS Prompt). Type ping name> computer/alamat ip>, if a message is displayed then the reply from is connected. But if the message is displayed request timed out then it is not yet connected.
6. Subsequent return to the wireless network connections, select the SSID name TRIAL, click the connect button
7. Enter a keyword for the network at the network key, and enter again in the Confirm network key. Click connect to start connecting.
8. Will be further down the process of connecting to the SSID TRIAL
9. Once connected to the SSID TRIAL, the wireless network connection window will display the SSID try in the connected condition. To break the connection with the SSID TRIAL, then click the Disconnect button

Wireless Network Ad-Hoc Mode in Windows 7

1. control panel select Network and Internet
2. after the open window select, network and sharing center
3. to change your network settings select networking set up a new net connection or network
4. then out of the window choose a connection option, select set up a wireless ad hoc (comp. to comp.)
network, and next
5. next, the content network name: eg TRIAL, security type: select WEP, Security key: for example 1234567890, and next
6. the last window, click the close button

after the above step, it's time ad-hoc checks that have been made, with these steps:
1. make sure wi-fi on your laptop or PC is on
2. click the wifi icon on the taskbar
3. see ad-hoc named TRIAL
4. ad-hoc conditions are waiting for other clients that will connect the comp. to comp.

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Definition of immunization and public health procedure

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Definition of immunization and public health procedure

Immunization is the provision of immunity against a disease by putting something into the body so the body resistant against diseases that are endemic or harmful to someone. Immunization derived from the word meaning immune immune or resistant. Immunization against the disease will only provide immunity or resistance to the disease course, so as to avoid other diseases other required immunizations.
Immunizations are usually more focus is given to children because their immune systems are still not as good as adults, leaving it vulnerable to attacks of dangerous diseases. Immunization is not enough only once, but it should be done gradually and completely against the various diseases that endanger the health and lives of children.

1. Purpose
it provides an immunity from immunization is to reduce the number of patients with a disease that is very dangerous to health can even cause death of the sufferer. Some diseases can be avoided by immunization is like hepatitis B, measles, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, mumps, chicken pox, tuberculosis, and so forth.
2. Benefit
a. For Kids: prevent the suffering caused by disease, and the possibility of disability or death.
b. For Families: eliminate anxiety and psychological treatment when a child is sick. Encourage the establishment of a family when a parent believes that his son will undergo a childhood comfort.
c. For the State: improving health, creating a strong nation and sensible to continue the development of the country.

1. Passive immunization is the innate immunity of the mother to the disease.
2. Immunologically active immunization which must be obtained from the provision of weak germs that easily defeated by the immune system to form antibodies to common diseases at both the weak and the kuat.Teknik or how immunization is generally performed by virus or bacteria that cause debilitating illness and given to person by way of injection or drink / eat. After the entry of germs into our bodies, the body will be stimulated to fight the disease with antibodies membantuk. Uumnya antibodies can persist in the body of people who have been immunized against diseases that try to attack.cheaper costs.

1. KIND OF IMMUNIZATION1. BCG (BACILUS CALMETE-Guerin)To provide active immunity against the disease Tuberculosis (TB) of administration performed on newborns to 2-month-old baby. Immunization is only diberkan 1 time only before the baby is 2 months old. Intra Cutan the administration is said to be immunized "Successful" if some time after the injection of small bumps occur but will resolve spontaneously. BCG vaccine can not prevent a person avoid infection M. tuberculosa 100%, but can prevent further spread of the disease, Derived from live attenuated bacteria (Pasteur 1173 P2 Paris), was found by Calmette and Guerin Given before the age of 2 months in the area injected intra cutaneous insertio m. deltoid at a dose of 0.05 ml, right Unnecessary re-immunization, the success is doubtful BCG vaccine in the form of dry powder should be reconstituted with 4 cc of NaCl 0.9%. Once reconstituted must be used within 3 hours, the rest is discarded. Storage at temperatures <5 ° C protected from direct sunlight (indoor day-light).

2. DPT (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis)

a. Diphtheria is a disease caused by bacteria derived from infected C. diphtheriae. Diphtheria is a terrible disease where the past has caused thousands of deaths, and are still prevalent in areas of the world that have not been developed. The survivors of this disease suffer from paralysis of certain muscles and permanent damage to the heart and kidneys. Children aged one to ten years are very susceptible to this disease.Presenting symptoms are sore throat, fever, difficulty breathing and swallowing, mucus from the mouth and nose, and very weak. Lymph nodes in the neck become enlarged and painful. Layer (membrane) to form a thick cover or if the back of the throat closes dibuangkan respiratory tract and cause lack of oxygen in the blood. Diphtheria is spread by inhaling the bacteria from the mouth or nasal fluids of infected people, from the fingers or towels are contaminated, and contaminated milk from the patient.

b. Pertussis
Pertussis, or whooping cough or coughing up a hundred days is an acute disease caused by Bordetella. Pertussis is a toxin mediated disease, resulting in Toks pertussis bacteria (vibrating feathers attached to the upper airways) will paralyze the hairs vibrate so that the flow disturbance respiratory secretions, and potentially causing pneumonia. Typical symptoms are persistent cough that is difficult to stop, the face becomes red or bluish, and sometimes vomiting with blood. Cough ends with a long, deep breath, high-pitched sounds. Transmission usually occurs through the air (coughing / sneezing)

c. Tetanus
Also known as lockjaw, is a disease be caused by tetanospasmin, a type of neurotoxin produced by Clostridium tetani that infects the nervous system and muscles so that the nerves and muscles to become stiff (rigid). Kitasato was the first to successfully isolate the organism from the human victims are exposed to tetanus, and also reported that the toxins can be neutralized by antibodies to tetanus spesifik.Kata taken from the Greek meaning teinein tetanos of tension. Tetanus spores enter the body through puncture wounds are usually contaminated with soil, street dust or animal and human feces, spores can also enter through burns or other injuries are minor or not be left off, or can also be through injection of contaminated needles performed by injecting wild. Tetanus sometimes as the incidence of post-surgical follow-up after sirkumsisi.Adanya including necrotic tissue or foreign bodies in the human body facilitate the growth of anaerobic bacteriaDPT is given 3 times a gift that is:

a. 2 months of age: 1 dose 
b. aged 4 months: 2 doses
c. age 6 months: 3 doses

Another name for polio was Poliomieltis. Poliovirus enteroviruses belonging to the genus of this family Picornavirus.Virus resistant to physical and chemical effects. In addition, patients can live in feces for 90-100 days. This virus can also survive long in the waste water and surface water, even through miles and miles from the source of infection. Polio is spread mainly through fecal contamination, especially in areas with poor environmental sanitation. Transmission also occurs through the faecal-oral route. This means that the food / drink contaminated polio virus from stool into the mouths of people with other healthy people. While the oral-oral route is spread from saliva of patients who go into other healthy human mouth. The characteristics of polio survivors is neurological damage. The damage stems from an experienced virus incubation for 5-35 days in the body. Subsequently the virus was first developed in the wall of the pharynx (the throat) or lower GI. Of gastrointestinal virus spread to local lymph tissue or regional. Finally, the virus spreads into the bloodstream prior to penetrate and multiply in nervous tissue. Poliomyelitis has a tendency to be more damaging motor nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain stem. Polio often causes nerve damage that makes the growth of the patient's body becomes asymmetric. So that tends to cause the body shape that is generally settled even worse.Symptom Clinical picture of poliomyelitis in humans vary widely, from very mild symptoms until there is paralysis (paralysis). Clinical symptoms begin with fever, feeling weak, headache and vomiting. Within 24 hours seen in the neck and back stiffness. Patient looks sleepy, iritabel, and anxiety. Sometimes accompanied by muscle stiffness and muscle pain occurs ringan.Bila paralysis (paralysis) usually begins in a few seconds up to five days after the headache. Paralysis of the limbs are paralyzed and usually on one leg.Given the vaccine schedule Given basic immunizations from child birth / age and followed a few days every 4-6 weeks. Polio vaccine can be given together with BCG, hepatitis B vaccine and DPT.Of polio virus vaccine (types 1,2 and 3) are attenuated, made within vero-cell culture: amino acids, antibiotics, calf serum in the magnesium chloride and phenol red. Liquid vaccine packaged with 1 cc or 2 cc in a flacon, pipettes, giving oral as much as 2 drops (0.1 ml). Polio vaccine is administered 4 times, 4-week intervals, repeated immunization, 1 next year, first grade I, VI. Side effects of DPT immunization
a. Fever, pain at the injection site 1-2 days + anafilatik given antipyreticsb. If there is an exaggerated reaction post immunization fever> 40 ° C, convulsions, shock, subsequent immunization with DT or DPaT replaced.

Measles (rubeola, 9 day measles, measles) is a highly contagious viral infection, characterized by fever, cough, conjunctivitis (inflammation of the lining of the eye tissue / conjunctiva) and skin rash. The disease is caused by paramyxovirus type measles virus infection. Transmission of infection occurs by inhaling saliva splashes with measles. Patients can transmit the infection within 2-4 days before rash rimbulnya and 4 days after rash there.Before the widespread use of measles vaccine, measles outbreaks occur every 2-3 years, especially in children ages pre-school and elementary school children. If a person had suffered from measles, then the rest of his life he would be immune to this disease.Measles immunization is given two times, namely:a. measles-1: given at age 9 months,b. measles-2: a BIAS program in grade 1, age 6 years.Vaccines of live attenuated virus + kanamycin sulfate and erythromycin Shaped freeze dried, dissolved in 5 cc of distilled water solvent. Given to infants aged 9 months because there are antibodies obtained from the mother. Dose of 0.5 ml administered sub-cutaneous on the left arm. Stored at 2-8 ° C, can be up to - 20 degrees Celsius. The vaccine has been reconstituted only hold 8 hours at 2-8 ° C. If there is an outbreak, immunization can be given at age 6 months, repeated 6 months later Side effects: fever, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, rash after 7-12 days post immunization. Encefalitis more rare occurrence.


Hepatitis B is a liver disease caused by the "Hepatitis B Virus" (VHB), a member of the Hepadnavirus which can cause acute or chronic inflammation of the liver are in a minority of cases may progress to sirosi liver or liver cancer. At first known as "serum hepatitis" and has become epidemic in some parts of Asia and Africa. Hepatitis B has become endemic in China and other Asian countries. The cause of hepatitis was not solely the virus. Drug toxicity, and exposure to various chemicals such as carbon tetrachloride, chlorpromazine, chloroform, arsenic, phosphorus, and other substances used as medicine in the modern industry, can also cause hepatitis. These chemical substances may be ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin of the patient. Neutralize the toxins circulating in the blood is the work of the heart. If a lot of toxic chemicals into the body, the liver can be damaged so that it can no longer neutralize other poisons. In the vertical, vertical transmission occurs from mother who suffered from hepatitis B virus to infants who are born at the time of delivery or shortly after childbirth. Horizontally, can occur due to the use of contaminated syringes, ear piercing, acupuncture, blood transfusions, use of razors and toothbrushes together (only if the patient has a disease of the mouth (cold sores, bleeding gums, etc.) or injuries that issued blood) and sexual contact with patients. Hepatiti immunization given 2 times as follows:a. HB-1 must be given within 12 hours after birthb. Hb-2 given at age 1 month, the interval of HB-1 and HB-2 is 1 month.The vaccine contains pure HBsAg administered as early as possible after birth, by IM injection, the dose of 0.5 ml. Vaccine storage at 2-8 ° C. Babies born to mothers HBsAg (+) are given hepatitis B immune globulin 12 hours after birth + Hepatitis B immunization Second dose one month following The third dose 5 months later (age 6 months) Replicates immunized 5 years later. Prevention of anti-HBsAg levels> 10mg/ml.Side effects:a. Mild feverb. An uneasy feeling in the digestivec. Pain at the injection site reaction

D. Providing a place Immunization

1. In the Integrated Service Post (IHC) 
2. At the Health Center, Maternity Hospital, Government Hospital BKIA or 
3. In Practice Physician / Midwife or Private Hospital.

HIB immunizationa. To prevent infection of the CNS due to influenza type B Haemofilusb. START given the age of 2-4 months, in children> 1 year are given a timec. In the form of freeze dried vaccine and 0.5 mL of solvent in the syringe.d. Dose of 0.5 ml given IMe. Stored at 2-8 ° Cf. In Asia has not given routinelyg. Routine immunization is given in European countries, America, Australia.
MMR immunizationa. Given at 15 months. Deuteronomy 12 yearsb. Dose of 0.5 ml of a sub cutaneous, given at least 1 month after the other shots.c. Contra indications: pregnant women, immuno kompromise, approximately 2-3 months previously received a blood transfusion or immunoglobulin tx, anaphylactic reaction to eggs

Immunization TYPHU 

a. Typhim (Vi capsular polysaccharide-Typherix) administered at a dose of 0.5 ml by IM. Replications conducted every 3 years. 
b. Stored at 2-8 ° Cc. Did not prevent Salmonella paratyphi A or Bd. Immunity occurs within 15 days to 3 weeks after immunizatione. Post-immunization reactions: fever, mild aches, sometimes skin rash and erythema, injection site induration, Daire, vomiting. 
Varicella immunizationa. Varicella vaccine (vaRiLrix) contains live virus attenuated OKA strain. Can be given at age 1 year, repeat the age of 12 years. The vaccine is given in sub cutaneous Storage at 2-8 ° Cb. Contraindications: acute fever or infection, hypersensitivity to neomycin, pregnancy, tx immunosuppressants, malignancy, HIV, tuberculosis has not tx, blood disorders. 
c. Immunization reactions are very minimal, sometimes there is a fever and papulo-vesicular eruption.
Hepatitis A immunizationa. Immunizations given to less-exposed areas, in children aged> 2 years. 3x basic immunizations at months 0, 1, and 6 months later. Doses of vaccine (inactivated virus Harvix strain HM-175) in 0.5 ml IM in the deltoid region. Reactions which occurred at least sometimes fever, lethargy, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and appetite.

Vaccination Comboa. Combined several antigens into one single product type antigens to prevent different diseases, eg hepatitis B + DPT + Hib or combination of multiple antigens from multiple strains of the organism derived from the same disease, eg OPVb. The purpose of givingThe number of injections is lessThe number of visits is lessMore practical, increase compliance and coverageEasy addition of new immunization programImmunization late easily pursued and cheaper costs.

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Therapy of baby massage

You're reading article dentist, doctor, education, health, midwives, nursing, nutrition, pharmacy, physiotherapy , science about Therapy of baby massage enjoy reading

Therapy of baby massage

Baby massage is a language of touch, which can be soothing, comforting your baby and communicate love

Benefits: Smooth breathing, digestion, circulation and stimulate the immune system, educate the baby calmer in the face of stress, help grow, and improve the fabric of love.

The right time:
• infants 6-7 months of age
• Do the morning or evening
• Duration 15 minutes

• Towels, clothes, diapers and oil
• Alas baby
• Make sure your hands are not long nails, warm, do not wear hand jewelry
• Warm Room
• The baby is not hungry and not just eaten
• dont disturb when massaging
• Eye contact
• When the baby crying  stopped massage

STAGE Massage
Face "smile"
consists of six movements serve to relax the facial muscles
1. Forehead:
Emphasize your finger gently start pd dg middle of the forehead of infants (and movement) towards the side towards the temples and cheeks.
2. Eyebrows:
Use both thumbs to rub over the eyes / eyebrows from the center.
3. Nose:
Emphasize the thumb in the middle of the eyebrows, then your thumb down the edge of the nose towards the cheek dg make the movement laterally and upward as if to make a child smile.
4. Upper jaw:
Use both thumbs to massage the local pd on the mouth or the upper jaw and middle dr movement sideways, then upwards as if to make a baby smile.
5. Chin / jaw Bottom:
Emphasize both thumbs on the chin and lower jaw, and the movement from the middle to the side as if to make a baby smile.

6. Behind the ears:
Emphasize your fingers gently on the back of the ears and the movement towards the chin.

Chest: 2nd movement, namely the heart and butterfly
Can strengthen the lungs and heart.
1. Heart:
Put your palms together in the middle chest / solar plexus, and create a movement upward to below the neck, then to the side to make the heart shape back to the solar plexus.
2. Butterfly:
Then only with the right hand massaging motion for a cross from the center of the chest / solar plexus to the right shoulder and return to the solar plexus, then dg left hand to left shoulder, and back to the solar plexus, as if to make a butterfly shape.

Hand: "Soft Ball & Bat Cow" consists of five movements.
1. Milking India:
Hold the baby's arm dg dr palms began the shoulder, like a bat holding a soft ball, then move your hand down the right and left alternately and repeatedly as milking cows.

2. Milking Sweden:
Same movement, only to start dr wrist up / over his shoulder.
3, Finger:
Massage fingers one by one toward the direction of the twist dg fingertips.
4. Palms:
Palm of the hand massage with circular movements by both thumbs, from the wrist to the fingers, along with the back of his hand massaged by the other fingers.
5. Roll Movement:
Hold the baby's upper arm / shoulder with both hands form a rolling movement of the arm toward the base of the fingers.

stomach: consists of five movements of "bikes, moon and sun,
l love you, the air bubble "
To improve digestion and reduce constipation.
1. Pedal Pedal Bicycles:
Do the massage on the baby's stomach like pedaling a bicycle up and down the abdomen.
2. Flexi Second Leg:
Press your knees together towards the baby the baby's stomach.
3. Month - the Sun:
Make a circle with your right hand fingertips from the lower right abdomen (the appendix) to the top, then back to the lower right area (months), followed by the left hand (the sun).
4. Movement I Love You:
"I": Massage your baby's stomach starts from the top left of straight down with your fingers using his right hand forming the letter "I".
"LOVE": Forming the letter "L" upside down, massage the baby from the right upper abdomen to the left, then from top left to bottom.
"YOU": massage movements to form the letter "U" turned upside down, starting from the bottom right (the appendix) to the top, then go left, down and ends in the lower left abdomen
5. Bubbles:
Put the tip of your fingers on the baby's stomach and make motions with gentle pressure of a finger in the direction clockwise from lower right to lower left to move the air bubbles.

feet: consists of six movements "squeeze play roll"
Can eliminate the tension and strengthen bones
1. Milking India:
Hold the baby's feet at the base of pahaseperti hold the bat soft ball, the hand movements down by turns, such as milking.
2. Milking Sweden:
The same motion starting from the ankle to the groin.
3. Foot:
Make small circles with your thumbs alternately starting from the heel of the finger rotates around the soles of the feet.
4. Finger:
Massage your fingers one by one with a circular motion.
5. Backs Feet:
With both thumbs at the same time, massage the entire back foot from the ankle to the fingers.

Back "rocking chair" consists of four movements to strengthen muscles and support the spine.
1. Forward Backward movement:
Massage with movement back and forth with both hands along his back.

2. Movement of One Hand:
Launch one of your hands from neck to baby's bottom with a little pressure.
3. Circular motion:
With your fingers make small circular movements, small muscle on either side of the spine.
4. Final motion:
Create a massage lengthwise with the tip of the fingers of his right to the bottom of the neck to massage your baby to an end.

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How to configure Omni 5100/5150 and Vx510 with Ethernet

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How to configure Omni 5100/5150 and Vx510 with Ethernet

Perhaps you are confused what is a omni with Ethernet? Little about this product is a machine that enabled or used for creadit card issued by VeriFone and is typically used in large banks or large companies that need this tool. A grace of God I was able to work at a big bank, so I can give my contribution to this company with all of my skills. This is just a project that runs for a month, called EDC project. Although only one month, at least I was able to give my best to this company '.

My little story of where I live in Salemba, Central Jakarta to the kebonsirih where I work is not so much, just that if I leave early, especially on Monday to Friday bus that I use is always busy and sometimes I have to wait for my next bus can arrive at the destination.

Jakarta is one of a growing city in Asia, but Jakarta is a city famous for its traffic jams, every day every hour every second, always encountered congestion on major roads in Jakarta. One day I went to work from home at 8 AM, using a "mikrolet 01" and next by bus to the kebonsirih where I work "Kopaja 502" arrived I wanted to get this bus, always full and crowded up to the overcrowding, The second bus arrived too and finally I can go with a third, I was standing right near the door, and holding on to an existing iron on the bus, on the way I look, how sad that this great capital city, high school 3 children The first or "smp" up and they just hold onto it with an iron door and foot trample other foot hanging.

Really sad to see those who want their studies to have to sacrifice their lives to school till they are, they'll pay me the money transport they were just holding one hand on the iron that is enough to shake the bus speed passenger bus in it. Hopefully the government to pay attention to this day they can go to school in peace without having to sacrifice their lives for their studies for the advancement of this nation.

Little did I want to share is how North to configure if you buy a product with VeriFone Omni 5100 Ethernet, the first stage are:
1. Profiling: profile stage omni / EDC, this stage of ip address, subnet, serial number, user address EDC, and the code of NCBS

2. Injecting / downloading: This stage is the stage of profiling has been completed, the file has finished, ready to be downloaded into the omni / EDC this stage requires a UTP cable and power for the EDC can be lit and the file can be entered into the EDC

3. Ip testing / printing: this stage to test against omni / EDC which is downloaded when the print according to the serial number of the EDC is ready to the next stage

4. Mastering key: This stage is the stage where he opened a secret master key of the machine until the machine can be used

5. Bar coding: after the master key stages of completion, the EDC will be in the barcode / barcoding for the machine to the Data

6. Packting: after the stage finished barcode EDC / omni ready for the package back and ready to be sent and can be used.

So that I can get to, and if you are interested in buying the product can visit www.verifone.com/ VeriFone may be useful.

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A TRIP TO HELL by: Philip Mantofa

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A TRIP TO HELL by: Philip Mantofa

Hebrews 10:26 for if we sin deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, then there is no more sacrifice for sins. 27 but that there was a horrible death of judgment and a devastating fire that will burn all the sons of disobedience. 28 if there are people who reject the law of Moses dies without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. 29 how much worse punishment, which should be imposed upon him, who trample god child, who considered unclean blood of the covenant that sanctified, and insulted the spirit of grace? 30 For we know Him who said: "vengeance is my own. I'm the one who demands vengeance "and again:" The Lord shall judge his people "31 horror thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Already over 100,000 people have received the gift of salvation in the 12 years after witnessing this testimony (A TRIP TO HELL). The message is very strong because of the horrors of hell experienced by everyone who does not repent and accept Jesus as Lord personally.

A TRIP TO HELL is the personal experience of Ps. Philip Mantofa, where the spirit may be appointed by the Lord Jesus, his or her physical remains on the bed and invited to witness the conditions of hell. He invited the Lord Jesus through a dark alley and faced with a "gate" which is very large. A voice said "open" and ps. Philip saw the horrible conditions of a place we call hell. A place that smells rotten or bad, moving and terrifying darkness ps. Philip saw at close range, there is a woman who had died some time ago, a woman who is surrounded by evil spirits are unclean spirits inside her where her desire to satisfy those who wanted him. And the voice of evil spirits that when translated: "let lie". The woman was lying to her marriage and the woman began to be tortured in such a way, oh so horrible, good body and pulled his tongue, stabbed continuous, repeated because there were no deaths in the body of eternity. The place is Seol (Hades) place to keep the spirits of the dead, a place of torture while the ungodly before the coming of the Lord the second time.

Revelation 20:12
"and I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne. Opened books and another book was opened, the book of life and the dead were judged according to their deeds, by what is written in the books. 13 the sea gave up the dead who are on it, and willing and Hades delivered up the dead in them, and they were judged every man according to his deeds. 14 and death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. That's the second death: the lake of fire. 15 and anyone who was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. "Death is when we experience death (of the righteous or wicked Oran), but the kingdom of death or Seol is where the ungodly and devils. And the name is not found in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire (the last, eternal torture) in this place, it scared the devil! If the devil will torment Seol (while) those who follow his will, but in the SEA of fire, the devil will be destroyed and tortured in eternity. Hebrews 10:31 was horrified to fall into the hands of the living God. Therefore Repent! Stop living in hypocrisy, and of all our evil! Women who viewed it, shout, implore for him not being led into the lake of fire. The demons also to avoid to get into the lake of fire, but with so they invite more people to follow in his footsteps to fill hell.

After hearing this testimony, what should we do?
1. Repent of all our iniquities. Stop living hypocritical, adultery and all lies. Even if you are a Christian, but if you do not really live in holiness (not have the character of Christ) then you will surely perish! Repent! Give yourself baptized the Holy Spirit will fill your life! The Holy Spirit will guide us and enable us to live holy lives before God.

2. Do not argue with the Gods. If He was reprimanded and opportunities for our members, take the opportunity to receive His grace. The opportunity given by God with a very limited time, so decide now to accept Him or reject. The door must be closed any time gift. HELL IS REAL AND SURE! THEREFORE REPENT, ACCEPT JESUS ​​IN YOUR LIFE AND YOU WILL BE IN HOLINESS will be spared from eternal destruction! Amen! God Bless You

Hopefully this article bless you.
I quoted directly from the GBI Intercon - Jakarta
by: Ps. Philip Mantofa
date: 26 February 2012. God bless you

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Promise to reverse the situation

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