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Lembah Hijau "Traveling Animals" Lampung - Indonesia

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Lembah Hijau "Traveling Animals" Lampung - Indonesia

Today, Wednesday, December 26, 2012. After celebrating Christmas with friends and church, today me, Liberty and Simto. They are my best friends from childhood to now. Liberty is pursuing a college with a major in law at a state university in Lampung, while Simto've worked at a supermarket in Lampung. Today we will plan to go to a resort in Lampung, this resort is very well known. We will go to the "Green Valley" or the "Lembah Hijau "

Not far from the center of Bandar Lampung there is a favorite tourist spot visited by the family for recreation with children even more so at a time when the weekends or school holidays. By having a recreational park facilities for outbound adventure game, the zoo has several kinds of animals in it, and waterboom which has a long spiral tower with a height of 13 meters and a height of 60 meters complete with water games such as water and splashing water blast making the Green Valley has appeal own to visit.

Tourist attractions located in Jalan Radin Imba Kesuma Ratu, Kampung Suka Jadi, Bandar Lampung. With area of ​​30 hectares, located in the hills with a valley overgrown shade trees verdant large extend.
This course is very suitable with the name at this tourist spot is Green Valley. With the price of admission is quite affordable ranging from ten thousand dollars, plus the manager continues to develop tourist facilities in it with the addition of new vehicles including mini train, 4-dimensional theater, a haunted house, the carousel and the koi pond makes the Green Valley is becoming more popular for
Lampung communities

The favorite here than waterboom each end of which the game ATV in muddy dirt track which can certainly adrenaline every visitor who tried the game. Outbound and paintball games are also often used by a group for team building events that make the cohesiveness of a team. For quite challenging activities you can try horseback riding on arana that had been prepared. For those of you who have not advanced, do not worry because managers setting up a green valley trained instructors to reduce the risk factors that can occur and are concerned about the safety of any visitors. To be able to enjoy enjoying activities the deer that has a large enough enclosure.

For those of you who come with kids educational package must be the right choice to provide knowledge and new insights for their beloved daughter where the price of admission includes a couple of vehicles the game arena in Green Valley. The zoo held a green valley is actually nice to provide an introduction to the types of animals ranging from early childhood and adolescence, but unfortunately this place the animals given the lack of adequate facilities. Stable conditions were cramped and lacking hygiene makes sad condition of animals there, especially some of them are animals that includes protected.





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