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How to repair Nokia C2-03 using ODEON JAF and Phoenix, but it succeed in Nokia Care Center.

Article christian, computer, education, Engineering, Information, science, Technical, Theology about How to repair Nokia C2-03 using ODEON JAF and Phoenix, but it succeed in Nokia Care Center. enjoy reading

How to repair Nokia C2-03 using ODEON JAF and Phoenix, butit succeed in Nokia Care Center.

This is my story at the beginning of July. Two weeks ago my friend of my church called my to helping her. There is a problem she was facing. I came to her house, located in West Jakarta and is quite far from my residence in central Jakarta. At the moment arrived, she told me that the phone that had broken, she needed calculator for her to work every day, but there is calculator on the handphone does not work and browser for the Internet can not be opened, and this phone always restart if use calling someone. Then after she talked a lot, I went home, with a Nokia authorized warranty card, memory card and mobile phone that she had the Nokia C2-03. At first I could not help her because I was so busy with my campuss, because with God's love I try to come and help. She was my closest friend when she lived in central Jakarta on Kwitang street, when she lived with Uncle and aunt. He was named Indry lienlien and fenny who also live with him.

When I got home, I immediately opened the laptop and started to analyze the damage of what happens at this nokia, I searched on the internet and browsing for hours to find articles improvements nokia c2-03, and then I opened a forum on the internet, damage to nokia this is the operating system crash or corrupt file system. Operating system on Nokia C2-03 is JAVA, and corrupt files on the operating system is causing there be some applications that can not be used. Then I downloaded the software: Phoenix and Odeon JAF, using the USB cable. First I tried Odeon JAF, is the a special application from nokia, where the application serves to flash or update the operating system on all nokia mobile phone, this is a free application. Once I understand the workings of this software, I started trying repair nokia c2-03, we first need to download the latest operating system for nokia c2-03.

Once I find, that the operating system nokia is c2-03 RM-702 128. and I can start to update nokia c2-03 using the Odeon JAF, About two hours I study the how to flash or update nokia c2-03, and this is very tiring because there are some files that do not support and I do not use a data cable Nokia, then I think this is the cause, but did not. My logic is if this is the reason why it can readed on the device, Odeon JAF detects the USB cable connected to this software. But at the next process there is a message "error detecting server" after I looked for the cause is a file system that does not support.

Then I tried to use the next software that is Phoenix, which is the published by Nokia.com software, this software also have the same file system that is asking to be updated on the device, and then my input is RM-702 128 were obstacles that I face "field to read the programming device hardware info "and then my patience is running out, after many hours I tried this software, but not success. I got desperate and thought it would say "it" to her. She is my good friend, when I first met her , great experience, can get acquainted with a woman who is beautiful, kind, funny, friendly and love God. At that time I am a new in this church, and not many people who would greet me.

By the time I finished worship approached by two beautiful women, they met with me, and asked for my phone number, they are very friendly, and happy smiles to me. I remember a moment in which at the time, our team of young adults, asked to serve on the Christmas event. And I was tasked to be a greeter, not just me they are, and fenny indry got the same job with me. After the show we had eating the food that was served, because the food I eat very spicy, I was sweaty , very sweaty! ... and he saw me wipe the sweat from my hand while eating, all of a sudden her gave a piece of tissue, to me and her smiled when I thanked her. I can judge her is a good woman and attention to every friend. One day after worship, her asked me to take her home because she usually came home with her friend, fenny. Now her asks me to go home together. I do not refuse. I am happy to take her home until he reached her home. I will never forget the memories we've had together.

In my mind, that nokia c2-03, her device should be used again and able to function properly But all I have to do to fix it, but to no avail Before I left, I asked her to pray, and believe that God will help and this phone will be used again And her said yes, I believe God will help I remember those words, I think it's useless if there is an official from Nokia warranty card, if there is no proof of purchase of this phone And by faith I come to a Nokia Center at Atrium Plaza Jakarta, and then I said, miss, I have nokia warranty card is still valid, I would like to service nokia c2-03, would be? And indeed, what her said you have a certificate or proof of purchase? With the power of God I answer, sorry letter miss was not there anymore Then she thought a moment and replied, well I'll try Ask first she also came into the room and I waited in the waiting room In my heart I pray, God help me, please God to make it operate again Amin!!!

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At that time I was really optimistic that God will help After she came out and called me Nokia c2-03 that you have can be processes to be improved, please sign out and keep this letter for you can take your nokiatomorrow, In my journey home, think about one thing, God is still giving miracles to people who believe in Him Then on 05 July 2012 at 6 pm I come back, and take nokia c2-03 which had been repaired Thanks to Jesus, my Father ... Thanks to Nokia Care Jakarta.

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Article christian, computer, education, Engineering, Information, science, Technical, Theology about How to repair Nokia C2-03 using ODEON JAF and Phoenix, but it succeed in Nokia Care Center. this can useful for you

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