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Specification Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 Android

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Specification Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 Android

This is only a short story I want to share with my readers, I hope my story can entertain you and deliver information to you. Morning on 29 March 2012 I joined with my friend, he called liberty Sitepu, we were friends since childhood. At that time I was asked to go with him to the Polda Metro Jaya to meet with his sister there. At that time I was in college the night so as not to interfere with my classes.

At the same time a demonstration was going on everywhere because the government raised fuel prices by the child or fuel oil. So many institutions and universities staged a demonstration of rising fuel prices declined. I live in central jakarta Salemba. There are some campuses that staged this demonstration Y*I and U*I as I know, but there are several other universities who come to the streets to participate in the action ini.after this demo many other campuses also held the same action because they know and the public know that the government would raise fuel prices on 1 April 2012. prior to this date there were demonstrations everywhere. After review by the government, eventually rising fuel prices was canceled due to work all elements of society that actually reject the policy of this government. Finally, fuel prices remained at the normal price.

This is comforting news that Indonesian society, because fuel oil is not a rose. Back to my story, after we finished from Polda Metro Jaya Jakarta, we went to a mall in Jakarta, Roxy mall we see and intend to buy a tablet PC or a smartphone, not a long time we looked, the choice finally fell on Samsung Young GT-S5360, this smartphone is very intriguing because there are a lot of my college friends I used the Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360, its small but lively and elegant.

Here are tips that I quoted from the book of this advanced smartphone. To prevent injury to yourself and others or damage to your device.

1. prevent electric shock, fire and explosion
2. Do not use a damaged cord
3. Do not touch electrical with wet hands kebel
4. Do not charge the battery with a charger that is not recognized by the plant
5. Do not hold the lithium ion (li-on) that is damaged or leaking

1. follow all the rules when using the device in the area is prohibited to use
2. Do not use the device near other electronic devices
3. do not use the device near your pacemaker
4. do not use the device near medical equipment or radio
5. do not use the device in potentially explosive areas
6. do not use the device in the plane

1. maintenance of good mobile device
2. keep the device remains dry
3. do not place the device in dusty, dirty or
4. do not place the device in oblique
5. use the device at -20 Celsius - 50 Celsius
6. Do not store the device near magnets
7. Do not drop the device
8. do not use the camera light to the eyes of humans or animals

1. Protect your hearing and ear while using the headset
2. always be careful to use the device while running
3. Do not use the device in your back pocket
4. Do not disassemble the device yourself
5. Do not let children use your device
6. keep the sim card and memory card
7. securing personal data and your important data

Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 Android support very easy to use and communication with the pc or notebook, some applications that I install on the samsung young.

1. superuser.apk
2. link2sd.apk
3. ip webcam.apk
4. 2x battery.apk
5. adobe reader.apk
6. go sms pro.apk
7. alkitab.apk
8. AndroZip pro.apk
9. astro.apk
10. angry birds.apk
11. detikcom.apk
12. facebook.apk
13. navitel.apk
14. kamusku.apk
15. kaskus.apk
16. player.apk video mx
17. busway.apk
18. officesuite.apk
19. opera mini.apk
20. root exploler.apk
21. skype.apk
22. viewer.apk team
23. terjemahan.apk
24. twitter.apk
25. wifi file exploler.apk
26. win - remote.apk
27. go fb chat.apk

and many other applications that can be installed at the Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 Android. Smartphone is already using the android operating system created by www.google.com with karnel linux based, you can search and download all the applications based on www.android andrid-market.co or on www.play.google.com  android OS is very easy used and strongly supports the communication between the pc and fellow android that is suitable for everyone who loves the world of technology in particular. Good luck and good luck.

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I hope the article Technical, Information, education, science, computer, Engineering about Specification Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 this can useful for you

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