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How to honor with each other in bible principle

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how to honor with each other in bible principle

Respect and Honor

we know these two words, namely the respect and honor in English, but in the Indonesian respect and honor have the same understanding is respect. honor bestowed by one's own status. for example in a flag ceremony, we were asked to give a general honor to the master of ceremonies. not necessarily personally we know the master of ceremonies, and not necessarily make him do something he deserved the honor. but at the moment we are instructed to give the public honor, we must do so immediately. so honor is closely associated with one's status and position.

not respect must be shown by way of formal. respect is not obligatory. we can give dignity to our superiors, but he did not get the respect that exist in our hearts. respect is very related to what is done by certain parties; against a principle or to us personally. often we give respect to someone of integrity, generosity, kindness or things that are very related to the character he showed.

the Bible says: "Honor your father and your mother, that you days be long upon the land the which the LORD your God is giving you" (Exodus 20:12). Honor is an act of respect we show towards something of value. Romans 12:10 "Brotherly love one another with affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. There are two observation that we can find in this paragraph.

1. honor can not be separated from love. if we love someone, it is not possible we do not respect that person. because, should respect the basic rather than love. there can be no love in the form of action or feelings if we do not respect someone. but to be respectful honor can not only be stored in the liver. honor to be transformed into visible action.

2. Bible tells us to precede the giving of honor. in the midst of rapid cultural criticism, ridicule and belittle us are reminded that as the generation of light, we are called to be a blessing and show our respect towards all people, regardless of any shortcomings and weaknesses. "outdo one another" has the connotation "compete" we often Compete in the school, college, achievements, talents. but to Compete in giving and showing respect to everyone around us, starting from parents, seniors, leaders, friends around us

why honor is it important?
I will never forget Dr. A.R. Bernard said that "honor precedes the influence", that is when we show our honor, we give the opportunity to influence the people we respect. is there any among us who want to influence parents, leaders, friends, or people who are under your leadership. want to see positive change happen in your relationship? powerful way to influence is not to criticize and complain or grumble, but let's try another way is by giving and showing our respect.

Let's Compete in salute, Will you be surprised at the doors and opportunities That Will be opened to you!

Respect the leaders (Hebrews 13:17)
respect for leader is an absolute must. ten commandments of God and the Bible clearly states this (repeat 5:6-21; Pet 2:17) simple example we can do is to not chat when ibada, not against parents, and respecting the elderly, DATE leader, lecturer , and the government despite differences of opinion

"Sorry" and "Thank you" these two words is a form of our appreciation of others despite the presence of someone younger or lower in status. "sorry little bro, may ask?" "thank you sir ..." "sorry, my mistake ..." by saying these two words are sincere, people will feel respected so that they will respect us.

"you can" you great! " This positive affirmation not only makes a person feel honored but also strengthen them for the better. positive sentences will encourage them spend the best results. we also need to give constructive criticism or positive feedback with appreciation like this: "you're great!" but, maybe if you do "A" results can be better, and so on. "

respect differences despite differences of opinion, still respect mereka.sebagai example, daud never retaliate against Saul even though he had two great chances to kill him. However, David still respected Saul. so we should. the key is always humble attitude.

honor first, honored (Luke 14:7-11) who would not want to be someone who has always respected? The first step we need to do is not the pursuit of honor edge respect others first. although it was not worth someone we respect, honor and serve them remain genuinely


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