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successful strategies to be young entrepreneurs "economic development"

10 ideas for student entrepreneurs

Start by doing what's necessary; then do that which ye may; then suddenly you are doing the impossible (St. Francis of Asssisi). A successful entrepreneur is one who adhered to the old things as long as it's still good and seize new things so it proved better (Robert P)

Successful student is a student who always have and find the idea / ideas for the development of his career. especially if the student is preparing for a successful entrepreneur, then creativity and innovation is the key word. some entrepreneurial ideas below may be simple but "grounded" can be used as guidance in starting to become a successful entrepreneur.

The first idea: sell the uniqueness
if you are quite creative and innovative students, certainly a lot of new ideas or things that you can make business opportunities. Not a bit of effort from the discovery of new types of products, technologies, systems and new programs. If the results of creating a unique, immediately you get a patent and sell the idea. The new findings are usually very likely to penetrate the market, much less distinctive, unique and it takes a lot of people. obvious example, my friends make a unique t-shirts with words full of motovasi. The shirt is plain when viewed at a glance, but because there is uniqueness with the words innovation, can add value to sell. Surely the benefits could be even greater with the uniqueness that they sell

The second idea: the duplication of other business
for those of you who feel less creative and innovative, do not despair. trust business ideas spread everywhere, even in plain sight. You should always have the opportunity to read, measure the potential, and dare to take risks. For example, there are around your house to eat "noodles" are quite popular. what's wrong with your healthily compete in the same place. you simply duplicate the effort, but should provide added value to the consumer, such as service and hospitality. example of a more satisfactory service to customers is to provide free tea water to consumers or provide more servings of meat in the appeal of your competitors.

The third idea: the business of additional facilities
than duplicate, you can also open a business venture by giving additional facilities, but this should be a little touch of creativity. for example, your neighbor opened the cafe, then you can still keep up with additional facilities or expand existing offerings. You can set up a cafe in the same location. almost every time there is any type of business trends, such as computer rental time is now to play games (gaming zone). with little additional facilities, you can have a business and are ready to succeed. for example you could rent a place in the vicinity of the rental game zone with a longer trend of selling drinks, bubble tea, it fits perfectly with bubble tea market share and market share of gaming zone for school children

The fourth idea: selling skills
you alone can sell the skills possessed. if you can cut your hair, you can open a salon. with a slightly different touch with other salons, you'll definitely crowded salon consumers. for those of you who are adept at typing 10 finger, there is no harm in opening a business typing services, such as skirpsi, manuscripts, papers, etc. which then can you develop by accepting the services of a translator (translate), there are many businesses that you can open based on your skills , make sure you have the potential, have the skills and have great hopes for success become an entrepreneur, entrepreneurial mesikipun beginner start learning generate income through their own skills such as giving private English language, computers, mathematics, music, singing or typing services such as those presented above

The fifth idea: to become an agent
You can open an agency office, either a product or service. a lot of products or services that are in need of an agent. selalain be an agent of a product, you can also become an agent that provides services, such as the agent of the water refill, refill pulse, channeling domestic servants, a modeling agency or photo models, ad agencies and others

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