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Definition of computer networks

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Definition of Computer Networks

With the development of computer technology and communications of a single computer models that serve all computing tasks an organization has now been replaced with a set of computers that will separate but interconnected in carrying out their duties, such systems are called computer network (computer network).

Two computers can be said to be interconnected when they mutually exchange informasui. Betuk connections do not have to go through copper wire only but can emnggunakan fiber optics, micro gelomabng, or satellite communications.

To understand the term computer network is often confused with distributed systems (distributed system). The key difference is that a distributed system, the existence of a number of autonomous computers is transparent to the wearer. A person can give orders to execute a program, and then the program will run and even then the task of choosing a processor, find and send the file to a processor and save the results in the right place is the task of the operating system. In other words, users will not realize the system terditribusi presence of many processors (multiprocessor), allocation of tasks to processors, the allocation of the file to disk, transfer the saved file and necessary, as well as other functions of the system should be automatic.

On a computer network, the user must explicitly log into a machine, explicitly submit their duties from a distance, it eksplisity move the files and handle itself in general throughout the network management. In a distributed system, there is nothing to be done explicitly, everything is done automatically by the system without user's knowledge.Thus a distributed system is a software system that is made on the part of a computer network. Software that determines the level of integrity and transparency of the network is concerned. Because of this difference over the network with distributed systems lies in the software (especially operating systems), rather than in hardware.

Benefits of Networking

Before we discuss the technical issues more profound, should bear in mind the things that get people interested in computer networks and to what network is used. The benefits of computer networks for humans can be grouped on the network to the company, the network to the public, and social issues network.

Networks for companies / organizations

In building computer networks in the enterprise / organization, there are several advantages to be gained in terms of the resource sharing, higher reliability, more economical, scalability, and communication media.
Resource sharing intended to make the entire program, equipment, in particular data can be used by everyone on the network without being influenced by the location of resources and users. so source sharing is an attempt to eliminate the distance constraints.

By using a computer network will provide high reliability of the alternative sources of replacement if a problem occurs on one of the devices in the network, meaning that because the device is used more than one if one device is having problems, then other devices that can replace it.

Small computer that has a ratio of prices or better performance compared with a large computer. Mainframe computer has a speed of approximately ten times the speed of personal computers, but the price of a thousand time more expensive mainframe. With the difference in price / performance ratio that is large enough this causes system designers chose to build a system that consists of personal computers than using mainframes.

The definition of scalability is the ability to improve system performance gradually in accordance with the work load by simply adding a number of processors. In a centralized mainframe computer, if the system is already saturated, then the computer should be replaced by computers that have a greater capacity. It costs a very large and may cause disruption to the continuity of the work of the wearer.

A computer network is able to act as a communication medium is good for employees that are far apart. By using the network, two or more people who live far away will be easier to work together in preparing the report.

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