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Information of IFFINA 2015

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Good day reader ! Again, International Furniture and Craft Fair Indonesia 2015 (8th edition)
Coming back and held in Jakarta Indonesia, the biggest furniture exhibition in Indonesia.
IFFINA 2015, will give a new experience for all buyer and exhibitor. Meet and transactation !
Find and buy the best furniture and handicraft there ! 
IFFINA 2015, is new style furniture exhibition
We are supported by AFIC and Indonesia Goverments.
Form all of the world, let's togather come here.

General Information
Show TitleInternational Furniture & Craft Fair Indonesia (IFFINA) 2015
Show DatesMarch 14 - 17, 2015
VenueSenayan East Park, The Eco Green Zone
Exhibit Space7,000 sqm
Show TypeLeading Int'l Trade Fair
1st year of show2008
Open toTrade visitors and public
Number of Exhibitors500
Number of Visitors4,600
Hosted byThe Indonesia Furniture Industry and Handicraft Association (ASMINDO)
Organized byExpotama Sinergi
Contact Us
(The Indonesian Furniture Industry & Handycraft Association)
Jl. Pegambiran No. 5A, Rawamangun
Jakarta 13220, Indonesia
Phone : +62 (21) 4786 4028
Fax : +62 (21) 4786 4031
Email : asmindo@asmindo.or.id
Website : www.asmindo.or.id/

Expotama Sinergi
G9 Building 2nd Floor
Jl. KH. Abdullah Syafei No. 9
Jakarta 12820 - Indonesia
Phone : +62(21) 8370 2989, 8292 649, 8309 730
Fax : +62(21) 831 3777
Email : info@iffina.id

Please visit this important link.

See you there ....!

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Join IFFINA 2015

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Hi, let's find again The Biggest Furniture Exhibition in Indonesia"

14-17 March 2015
Senayan East Park, The Eco Green Zone, Jakarta.


IFFINA 2015 is the continuation of the overwhelmingly succesful International Furniture & Craft Fair Indonesia (IFFINA) that started in 2008. The event has attracted more and more exhibitors as well as buyers in the past seven consecutive years, indicating that the International Furniture & Crafts Fair Indonesia (IFFINA) is deemed strategic both for Indonesia and other ASEAN countries as well as countries outside ASEAN. It is even more so for IFFINA 2015 in the presence of ASEAN Economic Community 2015 due to be effective as of January 1, 2015. It will pave the way for free flow of goods, funds, people, raw materials and even barter of goods between ASEAN countries. Participating countries, exhibitors, buyers and visitors so far being the milestone of the event apart, the management of IFFINA itself has shown remarkbly progress in terms of venue selection, fairembeded programs and promotion, all of which result in ever increasing grade of satisfaction.

IFFINA 2014, for instance, has brought no less than 500 exhibitors and attracted 4,600 international buyers with USD 550 million of transaction. Targetted to be greener under the landscape concept and driven to leverage national furniture export performance, IFFINA 2015 is positioned to be even more bigger and profitable against the facts below:


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